Must Have Gadgets for Wisconsin


When you drive in the winter, you’ll need some winter accessories for your vehicle. Even if you just bought a four-wheel drive vehicle from Jack Link’s Auto and RV Supercenter, you’ll want some of these to help you through the Wisconsin winters.

Tire Chains

Tire chains will help you with snowy and icy roads if you are traveling in or live in an area where the secondary roads aren’t always cleared after a snow storm. The chains will help the tires gain traction in deep snow or on ice

Windshield Snow Shade

Pick up a snow shade for your windshield to help keep your windshield clean of snow. This gadget also performs another important function: It keeps your vehicle’s wipers from sticking to the windshield. If you try to use the wipers and they’re frozen to the window, you’ll burn out the wiper motor a lot quicker than you would under normal usage. And, to easily clear the snow, just slide the shield and the snow off all at once.

Utility Snow Plow

A utility snow plow is invaluable when you have a long driveway or you live on a road that’s never cleared by the county. If you need to get out in an emergency or an emergency vehicle needs to get in, you’ll be able to clear the road or driveway to your house.

Traction Weight

If your pickup is having a hard time handling the snow, a traction weight is just what you need to get better traction. Trucks are light in the rear, thus don’t generally have good traction. With the traction weight, you’ll have more weight over the rear tires to help them grip the road when it’s slippery.

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Stop by Jack Link’s Auto and RV Supercenter to test drive a vehicle when you want to replace your current vehicle; and be sure you have the accessories you need to drive safety during the Wisconsin winters.