What to Keep in Your Car’s Winter Emergency Kit

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Whether you are someone who travels extensively or you commute a short way back and forth to work, you should have an emergency kit in your vehicle, even if all of your driving is city driving. You never know when something might happen even to a new vehicle, or when Mother Nature might have a hissy fit and cause you to get stranded in ice or snow. As soon as you pick up a vehicle from Jack Links Auto, move your emergency kit into it or make a kit for the new vehicle.

Seasonal Items

During the cooler months, make sure you have extra blankets and a large tarp in your emergency kit. Each person in the vehicle should have a heavy, warm blanket. During the warmer months, a light blanket for each person will be enough. The tarp will help protect you from the weather and will provide warmth if you cannot stay in the vehicle.

During the winter also be sure to have a change of warn dry clothing. During the spring months, the extra set of clothing just needs to be dry, but preferably not shorts.

Items that Expire

You should always have extra water and extra food in the vehicle. Rotate these items every month. The food should be non-perishable. You don’t have to rotate the food out as often as water and if it has clear expiration date, rotate it out about a month before the expiration date. Don’t forget that batteries have an expiration date, too, and you should have at least one extra set. Two sets are better.

First Aid

Make sure you have a large first aid kit and not something with very little in it, especially if you plan on traveling or a long distance. You should have various sizes of bandages, gauze, medical tape, an Ace bandage, splints, eye wash, tweezers, needle and thread., unopened Super Glue, anti-bacterial cream, cotton swabs, alcohol wipes and a thermometer.

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