Tips to Winterize Your Vehicle

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When you pick up your new vehicle from Links Auto Supercenter, you’ll want to winterize it as soon as possible. Some of the things will already be in place from the dealership, but some things you’ll have to add yourself. If you have a vehicle that is just a couple years old and are not ready for a new car just yet, you’ll still need to winterize it; and you’ll need to check everything on the list.


If you prefer to use summer and winter tires, changing them out at the season changes, check your vehicle’s winter tires for dry rot and low tread. If they look great, it’s time to dig them out and put them on. If not, you’ll need to get another set or switch to all-season tires.

If your vehicle has all-season tires on it, check to ensure that the tires have enough tread to get through the winter, are balanced properly and that your suspension is properly aligned.


Have your vehicle checked over carefully before the first snow falls. Even if it’s not time for regular maintenance, you should bring the vehicle in to have our technicians check the tires, brakes, belts, hoses, battery, alternator and other mechanical aspects. Also, if your owner’s manual recommends a different weight oil for the winter, you’ll need to get an oil change.

Emergency Supplies

Emergency supplies are often overlooked, especially with those that rarely travel outside the city. However, even in the city, they could save your life. In a bad snowstorm, you may not be rescued from your situation for hours. Those extra blankets and warm clothes, and the food and water could come in handy.

If you often travel on less populated roads, you should definitely have an emergency supply cache, including the blankets, extra clothing, first aid kit, matches, flashlight, extra batteries, extra water and plenty of non-perishable, high-energy food to last everyone in the vehicle for at least two days.

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Stop by Links Auto Supercenter to test drive a new vehicle or give our service department a call to set up an appointment to winterize your vehicle.

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