Gear Up With 4-Wheel Drive This Winter!

Though helpful year round, 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles offer superior traction and handling, which can help immensely in winter road conditions or any time of year where the roads in less than desirable conditions. Check out one of these models, featuring 4-wheel or all-wheel drive, if you’re considering a new vehicle this winter.

2015 Ford Explorer Limited


The 2015 Ford Explorer Limited features AWD to help you conquer any winter road condition. You’ll remain firmly in control no matter what the road throws at you.

Enjoy the flexibility of the 3.5L 6 cylinder engine, which runs on either gasoline or ethanol.

Features such as a reverse camera, Bluetooth syncability, tow package, and SiriusXM Satellite radio make driving the Ford Explorer a joy.

2013 Chevy Silverado 1500


The 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 features 4WD and a 4.3L 6 cylinder engine.

This is a perfect vehicle if you’re looking for a rugged and dependable work truck for winter conditions and beyond. With only 30,112 miles clocked, this work truck has plenty of life left in it for whatever work you throw its way. From hauling materials to towing a trailer, this truck can handle it all.

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Delicious Turkey Side Recipes for Thanksgiving

Homemade Flakey Buttermilk Biscuits

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without biscuits or cornbread. You can make your favorite recipes or try these great tried and true recipes. When you’re out picking up the items you need to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to stop by Links Auto Supercenter to test drive a new vehicle if you’ve been considering something new before the end of the year. This way, you’ll have something new to drive if you plan on taking a holiday weekend trip.

Melt in Your Mouth Biscuits

This recipe “cheats” by using Jiffy Mix. Make the biscuits as directed on the box, except substitute buttermilk for the liquid. If you use whole, thick buttermilk, you may need to add more than what is called for in the recipe.

Mix 3 tablespoons of butter with 1 tablespoon honey until the honey and butter are thoroughly incorporated. If you prefer a sweeter taste, add a bit more honey. Put the mixture in the microwave for 2-3 seconds and stir. Repeat until the mixture is loose enough to “paint” the top of the biscuits with a brush.

Paint the tops of the biscuits with the honey butter. Bake according to the instructions on the box. You may want to check them early, especially if you are using dark, nonstick pans. The honey butter will cause the tops to brown up quite a bit.

Sweet Cornbread

This is another “cheat” recipe that you can get away with calling homemade. You’ll need a cast iron pan and either lard or bacon drippings, with the drippings being the first choice. Coat the sides and bottom of the cast iron pan with the bacon drippings.

Mix up two boxes of Jiffy Cornbread mix as directed, but use buttermilk instead of milk or water and add ½ cup of granulated sugar to the mix. Pour the mix into the prepared pan and bake as directed. Keep an eye on it – the dark pan makes it done sooner than the times listed on the box. The cornbread is done when a toothpick comes out clean when tested near the side of the mix.

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Tips to Winterize Your Vehicle

Lonely car in motion blur on the road in winter landscape

When you pick up your new vehicle from Links Auto Supercenter, you’ll want to winterize it as soon as possible. Some of the things will already be in place from the dealership, but some things you’ll have to add yourself. If you have a vehicle that is just a couple years old and are not ready for a new car just yet, you’ll still need to winterize it; and you’ll need to check everything on the list.


If you prefer to use summer and winter tires, changing them out at the season changes, check your vehicle’s winter tires for dry rot and low tread. If they look great, it’s time to dig them out and put them on. If not, you’ll need to get another set or switch to all-season tires.

If your vehicle has all-season tires on it, check to ensure that the tires have enough tread to get through the winter, are balanced properly and that your suspension is properly aligned.


Have your vehicle checked over carefully before the first snow falls. Even if it’s not time for regular maintenance, you should bring the vehicle in to have our technicians check the tires, brakes, belts, hoses, battery, alternator and other mechanical aspects. Also, if your owner’s manual recommends a different weight oil for the winter, you’ll need to get an oil change.

Emergency Supplies

Emergency supplies are often overlooked, especially with those that rarely travel outside the city. However, even in the city, they could save your life. In a bad snowstorm, you may not be rescued from your situation for hours. Those extra blankets and warm clothes, and the food and water could come in handy.

If you often travel on less populated roads, you should definitely have an emergency supply cache, including the blankets, extra clothing, first aid kit, matches, flashlight, extra batteries, extra water and plenty of non-perishable, high-energy food to last everyone in the vehicle for at least two days.

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Top Tailgate Picks

Sometimes you need a new vehicle because yours has gotten a bit old. Sometimes you need a new vehicle because you need something with better fuel economy for that new job that’s a bit out of the way. Sometimes you get a new vehicle because you want to throw epic tailgate parties from the back of a truck or SUV.

Hey, all valid reasons. With that last one in mind, check out these great buys currently available at Jack Link’s Auto Supercenter.

The 2016 Ford Explorer XLT


This handsome 2016 Ford Explorer XLT is full of convenient amenities that will pair perfectly with game day. The Bluetooth audio system and Wifi capability, paired with the ample 3rd row seating and storage space, means that you’ll have no issue transporting both the crew and the gear to the stadium.

Outside of tailgating, this Explorer comes equipped with all wheel drive, a V-6 engine, navigation system, reverse camera, keyless entry, and flex fuel ability (gas or ethanol).

It has only 20,558 miles on the odometer and is available at the low price of $28,675 (that’s $14,320 of its retail value!).

The 2014 Toyota Tundra


Looking to tailgate in the more traditional truck? How about this 2014 Toyota Tundra? The truck bed is convenient and versatile on game day and equally so doing your day to day errands.

The extended cab means that you’re not sacrificing passenger space. The truck comes equipped with 4 wheel drive, a V-8 engine, and is flex fuel capable as well, working off either gas or ethanol.

It has only 10,749 miles on the odometer and is available at the bargain price of $33,630 (that’s $6,365 of its retail value!).

Head to the Next Packer’s Game in Your New Vehicle

Once you have one of the above vehicles in your driveway (or any other great tailgating vehicle on our lot) take it out for its inaugural game. Better yet, be the tailgate party-throwing hero to your friends and family!

Seeing as how you bought a vehicle in Wisconsin, chances are better than not that you’re supporting the Packers. Here are the Green Bay Packers games for the rest of the season. Home games are highlighted in bold.

  • November 6 vs Colts
  • November 13 at Titans
  • November 20 at Redskins
  • November 28 at Eagles
  • December 4 vs Texans
  • December 11 vs Seahawks
  • December 18 at Bears
  • December 24 vs Vikings
  • January 1 at Lions

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