How to Get that New Car Smell Again

Air freshener hanging in the car on green natural background

Love that new car smell and want to keep it around longer? Lost it and want it back? There are ways to do it.

If you didn’t know, that new car smell actually comes from the chemicals that are used in the materials of the interior. These chemicals are a varied number of adhesives and sealers along with plastic softening chemicals that evaporate over time, which makes the car lose that new car smell. Knowing this, how do you get it back?

Keeping the different interior types in good shape, such as the leather and carpet, are key factors in keeping your Ford smelling like new. Stick to a weekly schedule for cleaning your carpets and any other cloth upholstery. This doesn’t take a lot of time when done regularly. Vacuuming will pick up the dust, dirt and other build-up that can make your vehicle smell stale and unpleasant.

This also includes shaking out the mats regularly, which get dirty fastest. Shake them out every other day. If you have a leather interior, you can purchase leather or vinyl cleaners and conditioners that remove grime and smells while replacing moisture. They also keep leather from cracking and drying out over time.

Be aware of the smells you bring into your new car. If you bring in other smells, you can take away from the new car scent. For example, if you smoke or eat in your car, it can easily begin smelling of ash, smoke, or food items. Keeping a vehicle smelling like new is a lot like cleaning your house. After you clean, you will have a house that is fresh and clean with a great scent for a while in your home. But if you make a pot of coffee, smoke a cigarette, and cook dinner, there goes the clean scent again.

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