The Perfect Halloween Candy to Handout


On your way home from Link Ford Minong, whether you just had your Ford serviced or just picked up your new vehicle, be sure to stop by the store to pick up some Halloween candy. Make sure you have enough so that you don’t run out. You can always freeze extra candy if you don’t think you’ll eat it fast enough.

What is the Perfect Halloween Candy?

The perfect Halloween candy depends on your tastes. Since you want to make sure you don’t run out, you’ll want to buy a bunch, so the perfect candy is something you like to eat, just in case you have leftovers. Since it will most likely be cool, you don’t have to worry about the candy melting, so grab all the chocolate you want.

Big Bars or Small Bars

The best thing you can get is the smaller bars. This allows you to buy several different kinds so you can offer a good mix by just grabbing two or three for each child. And, this gives you a variety for yourself if you have candy left over.

Sealed Candy

Don’t choose something like a large bag of M&Ms that are not individually wrapped. It might be tempting to make something with unwrapped candy, but it will just get thrown away by parents since they won’t be able to tell whether it’s been tampered with. Make sure any candy you get for Halloween is sealed. You can pick up large bags of assorted candy at most drug stores and many grocery stores. Each piece is individually wrapped and won’t be wasted.

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If you are taking your kids out for Halloween and are driving to a trunk or treat event or are driving the kids around the neighborhood because it’s cold, you’ll want to make sure your car is working properly, especially the heater. Call Link Ford Minong to make an appointment for maintenance and to have your vehicle’s HVAC system checked before Halloween.

What the Dashboard Icons Mean

Tachometer red-line with warning indicators

The dash has warning lights for a reason – they tell you that something is wrong with your vehicle. Depending on which light comes on, you should tow or drive your vehicle to Link Ford in Minong to have it checked by our service department.

“Dummy” Lights

Most vehicles have gauges for the oil and water, but some, especially older vehicles, have dummy lights for the oil and water. When these lights come on, it’s usually too late. The oil light lights up when there is next to no oil pressure or no oil pressure. You should shut the vehicle off immediately. The water light means that the vehicle is overheating. The problem with overheating is that even when you shut the vehicle off, it has heat sink and could still damage the engine.

If you don’t have gauges for the oil and water, you should have aftermarket gauges installed. You could check the oil and water every week, but that is not a guarantee that you will catch a problem before the lights come on.

Service Engine Soon Light

The service engine soon light means that something is wrong with the vehicle’s fuel management system. The sensors communicate with the computer to tell it how much gas and air to dump into the engine to make it run. When you press on the gas, the throttle position sensor tells the computer you want to go faster, and in turn, the computer instructs the injectors to dump more fuel and the air intake to allow more air to keep the proper mixture.

If the service engine soon light comes on, it means that one or more of the sensors are not working. If the light is giving a soft oxygen sensor code, that usually means that the mixture of gas and air is incorrect. If the dealership pulls the codes and finds erroneous codes or several codes that don’t make sense, you could have a bad powertrain control module.

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While you may be able to scan the codes and erase them yourself, you should bring your vehicle in to Link Ford in Minong to have it scanned and properly diagnosed so you are not throwing parts at the vehicle. Everything on the engine affects something else, so a bad plug, wire or anything else could be affecting the sensor’s communication with the powertrain module.

How to Get that New Car Smell Again

Air freshener hanging in the car on green natural background

Love that new car smell and want to keep it around longer? Lost it and want it back? There are ways to do it.

If you didn’t know, that new car smell actually comes from the chemicals that are used in the materials of the interior. These chemicals are a varied number of adhesives and sealers along with plastic softening chemicals that evaporate over time, which makes the car lose that new car smell. Knowing this, how do you get it back?

Keeping the different interior types in good shape, such as the leather and carpet, are key factors in keeping your Ford smelling like new. Stick to a weekly schedule for cleaning your carpets and any other cloth upholstery. This doesn’t take a lot of time when done regularly. Vacuuming will pick up the dust, dirt and other build-up that can make your vehicle smell stale and unpleasant.

This also includes shaking out the mats regularly, which get dirty fastest. Shake them out every other day. If you have a leather interior, you can purchase leather or vinyl cleaners and conditioners that remove grime and smells while replacing moisture. They also keep leather from cracking and drying out over time.

Be aware of the smells you bring into your new car. If you bring in other smells, you can take away from the new car scent. For example, if you smoke or eat in your car, it can easily begin smelling of ash, smoke, or food items. Keeping a vehicle smelling like new is a lot like cleaning your house. After you clean, you will have a house that is fresh and clean with a great scent for a while in your home. But if you make a pot of coffee, smoke a cigarette, and cook dinner, there goes the clean scent again.

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If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed that new car smell, come check out a new Ford at Link Ford Minong. Providing auto sales, service, parts, and accessories in Minong, Link Ford is your go to dealership for a new car and that new car smell.

October Events in Wisconsin


If you think that October is all about spooky events, then Wisconsin is the place for you. Here are some of the spookiest happenings in Wisconsin this October.

Haunted Hearthstone Tours – October 7 (recurring) in Appleton, WI

Haunted Hearthstone explores the Victorian customs with death, the supernatural, and mysticism. Glimpses of Hearthstone’s ghostly past will be revealed. Tours will be held every Friday night in October (the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th) from 6-8pm with a special even on the 28th from 8:30-10:30pm.

5K Zombie Run – October 8 in Spooner, WI

Head to Spooner for a creepy fall evening 5K Zombie Run that will take runners through the haunted woods of Spooner!  5K Zombie Run participants are encouraged (but not required) to dress up in their scariest zombie attire. While registration is on an individual basis, racers are encouraged to run with friends (you may need a hand to hold!). Water stations will be located at the approximate half-way point and at the finish line. Course will be clearly marked. The course terrain will contain paved trail and road/sidewalk. Cash prizes awarded for 1st place finishers (men’s and women’s divisions). Prizes also awarded for 2nd & 3rd place for both men’s and women’s divisions and Best Zombie Costume. Rain or shine. Once registered, look for an email detailing more race specifics closer to race day. Register online now! All racers will be required to sign and turn in a waiver before participating.

Gothic History Tours 2016 – October 21 (recurring) in Cedarburg, WI

The 90-minute docent-led walking tours begin and end at the Cedarburg Cultural Center with stops at mysterious sites in downtown Cedarburg’s National Historic District and the Zur Ruhe Cemetery. Tours also scheduled for the 23rd and 28th.

Ghosts of Galloway: Family Vintage Halloween – October 23 in Fond Du Lac, WI

Don your favorite costume and head to the Galloway House & Village for a vintage trick-or-treating adventure bursting with fun. Join in the Halloween Parade from one Treat Building to the next to collect goodies. Classic Halloween games and activities to include bobbing for apples, pumpkin decorating, crafts, three-legged sack races, and hoop rolling contest are just part of the fun. Activities included with admission. Suitable for ages Toddler to 12. Takes place from 1-4pm.

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Drop by Link Ford in Rice Lake this October to view our inventory of new and used vehicles. Link Ford in Rice Lake offers auto sales, service, parts, and accessories in Wisconsin.