How Often Should You Get an Oil Change?


Have you ever brought your vehicle into an oil lube place for an oil change when you didn’t need it? If you have an older vehicle without an oil monitor, you may have. And, if you are the type who goes by the window sticker, you have most likely changed the oil long before it was due. These places often put 3,000 miles on the sticker even if you use synthetic oil. Instead of playing guessing games, you can check to see if you really need an oil change by stopping by Link Ford Minong or by checking your owner’s manual.

Oil Monitors

Many of the new vehicles have oil monitors. Instead of guessing, pay attention to the monitor. It looks at how you drive and where you drive to determine whether you should change the oil sooner rather than later. The monitor takes into consideration the type of driving you typically do, whether normal or severe, and will light up when the oil has just a little life left in it.

Owner’s Manual

If your vehicle doesn’t have a monitor, check your owner’s manual. Add the oil change date to your calendar. If the manual states a certain mileage or a time frame, it’s whichever comes first. If you know you’re not going to put the requisite miles on the vehicle before the time frame, a calendar reminder is a great way. Otherwise, change the mileage on the window sticker to show the proper mileage.

Severe vs. Normal Driving

If you are not sure whether your driving is severe, you can get an oil analysis. This tells you the condition of the oil and it could let you know if your vehicle’s engine is having any problems. The samples of your vehicle’s oil will show traces of coolant or fuel – you may be able to avert being stranded if you know ahead of time that your engine has an issue.

Why Shouldn’t I Follow the 3,000-Mile Rule?

Oil companies are making extended-life oils that guarantee a specific mileage before the oil breaks down. Furthermore, engines are made better – they have closer tolerances – so it’s not necessary to change the oil quite so often.

You can save yourself quite a bit toward the cost of ownership of your vehicle by following the manufacturer’s recommendations rather than changing the oil every 3,000 miles. You’ll also save yourself money if you stop by Link Ford Minong as our techs tell you the correct mileage to change your oil and don’t assume that it has to be done every 3,000 miles.

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