Go Green with the 2017 Ford Fusion


One of Ford’s newest eco-friendly vehicles is the hybrid 2017 Ford Fusion. How does it stack up to previous offerings from Ford? Read on to find out. It’s also available in a non-hybrid variant.

If you are in the market for an eco-friendly vehicle, stop by Link Ford of Minong to test drive one of the hybrid or electric vehicles that Ford currently has available. Even when the hybrids are using their gas engines, they are very efficient. And, if you have access to a 240-volt outlet, you can charge a plug-in hybrid in less than three hours.

Trim Levels and Available Features

Trim levels include the S, SE, Titanium, and Platinum, in order of luxury.

Available features include keyless start, cruise control, remote start, satellite radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity, power windows, and more.

Engine, Transmission, and MPG

The engine is a Turbo 2.0L 14 and runs on regular unleaded. It puts out 254 horsepower.

The transmission is automatic and has forward wheel drive. An all wheel drive variant may be an option in the future.

MPG is estimated at 43* city and 41* highway. For the non-hybrid, MPG is estimated at 21* in the city and 32* on the highway.


Fusion prices for the 2017 model starts at around $23,000 after the usual $875 destination charge. Higher trim levels and options could run you up to approximately $40,000.

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Stop by Link Ford of Minong to test drive an eco-friendly vehicle and to learn more about the 2017 Ford Fusion.

*MPG estimates only. Actual performance may vary.

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