The New Ford GT


If you are in the market for a high-end sports car, test drive the new Ford GT if it becomes available at dealerships like Link Ford Rice Lake. The GT is only available by application process, according to Ford Motor Company. The new GT stole the show at the Detroit auto Show and people are going crazy for it.

Unlike many cars that you can go buy, you’ll have to apply to get one of these coveted Ford GT models. Dave Pericak, the director of Global Ford Performance said that they are “excited by the amount of enthusiasm fans are showing” for this new model. As of late May 2016, almost 11,000 people have shown interest in buying one of the new Ford GT models. By this same time, Ford has already received 6,506 completed applications from all over the world.

Though the Ford GT is expected to bring in about $200 million in revenue for 500 units, the margin is rumored to be quite low. Ford “dropped a hint” at why it would develop and sell a vehicle for little profit: Because they want people to actually drive the vehicle. Ford wants to generate attention for the brand with the new Ford GT and the line of supercars to follow this model.

By 2020, Ford expects to have the rest of the performance lineup on the market. Ford will be taking advantage of the market for sports cars. The Mustang was never sold on a global scale prior to 2015; and the 2015 Mustang was the Number 1 sports car in Germany.

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Stop Link Ford Rice Lake to test drive a new vehicle or for more information on the any of the upcoming sports cars that Ford expects to release. Test drive one or more of the current sporty models including the Mustang, ST models and the Focus RS.

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