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Ford is boosting its sales by expanding sales to Europe, including right-hand drive Mustangs for Great Britain. While Ford has never sold vehicles in Europe, the auto manufacturer’s popularity encouraged it to sell it vehicles across the Big Pond.

The new Mustang, now available at Link Ford of Minong, has been revamped with foreign sales in mind because it was the best-selling sports coupe in 2015. Last year, Ford sole 141,000 Mustangs; and of those, 19,000 were sold outside of the United States. About 16,000 of those were sold in Europe. Even with high gas prices in Europe, the high-performance V-8 is popular.

Erich Merkle, a Ford sales analyst, figures that we in the United States have been enjoying foreign sports cars for many years; and now figures it’s time for Americans to make our sports cars available to Europe.

At the Mustang plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, 110,000 Mustang coupes and 30,000 convertibles were built. With the addition of more European sales, the plant could see an increase in work. This is a major deal for Ford since the Mustang was never seriously thought of as a vehicle for the world market. This was in part due to the features that were not good for that market; however, Ford made those changes, knowing that those changes could alienate local buyers. But, the changes have been accepted by fans in the United States if sales numbers are any indication.

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