Spring Cleaning Your Ford

Now that spring is here and it’s warm outside, it’s comfortable enough to spend the time spring cleaning your Ford. You can do most of these things yourself, but if you do need help, call our Ford service department at Jack Link’s Auto and RV Supercenter for an appointment.

The Exterior

Clean underneath the vehicle. You’ll want to get any salt residue off the undercarriage. The easiest way to do this is to go to a car wash that sprays the undercarriage. Washing and waxing the rest of the interior ensures that salt, grime, bird droppings and bug guts are all off your vehicle. Waxing provides a temporary barrier between Mother Nature and the paint.

Make sure the drain for the air conditioning doesn’t have any leaves in it. It’s usually accesses through the grill over the firewall. If you don’t have an air tank to blow the drain out, have our service techs do it when you bring your vehicle in for service.

The Interior

Dust and clean the dash and the seats. Don’t forget to vacuum the seat crevices. Vacuum the carpets and the floor mats. If the floor mats are stained, take them out to wash them. Remove rubber floor mats and rinse them outside. Vacuum the HVAC ducts. Often when your vehicle has a musty smell, it’s coming from the ducts.

Once you have anything done that creates dust, you’re ready to detail the rest of the interior. Clean out storage compartments and vacuum them if necessary. Clean the upholstery with the appropriate cleaner for the type of upholstery you have – leather, vinyl or cloth. Wipe down the door panels, especially in areas where you rest your arms.

The Engine Compartment

Using a degreaser, clean the engine compartment and the engine. Be careful that you don’t get water on any electronics. If you keep your engine compartment clean, it makes it cleaner to work on and allows you or a technician to find leaks easier.

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Getting Your Ford Out in Wisconsin


After you pick up your new vehicle from Link Ford of Rice Lake, you’ll be ready to head out for some of these events in Wisconsin. Head out to car shows, spring markets, go fishing and attend a festival or two. If you are not ready for a new vehicle because your current vehicle is newer, be sure to give our service department a call for an appointment for maintenance.

Black River Falls Fire Department Annual Car Show

On May 15, 2016, head out to Black River Falls for the annual car show that helps to support the fire department. Unlike many car shows, this one also has motorcycles. And, this year, they added tractors! Trophies and cash awards will be handed out to winners. The car show will be held at Riverside Auto, N5856 State Highway 54, Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 54615. For more information call (715) 284-4525 or visit blackrivercountry.net/events.

Chequamegon Bay Birding & Nature Festival

From May 19 through May 21, 2016, head over to Ashland for the Chequamegon Bay Birding and Nature Festival. Enjoy three days of nature and birding programs during the migration peak. Events include a keynote speaker and over 100 activities. The festival will be held at Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, 29270 County Road G, Ashland, Wisconsin, 54806. For more information call (715) 682-2500 or (800) 284-9484; or visit birdandnaturefest.com.

Fishing Has No Boundaries

Head out to Hayward on May 20 through May 21, 2016 for the Fishing Has No Boundaries tournament. You can also help volunteer for cooking, guiding, cleaning fish, helping people on and off watercraft, emergency medical care and more. Awards and prizes will be given. If you want to volunteer or sponsor the event, contact the office. Fish types include crappie, blue gill, bass, largemouth bass, panfish, northern pike, perch, smallmouth bass and walleye. The tournament will be held at the Lake Chippewa Campground, 15453 County Road B East, Hayward, Wisconsin, 54843. For more information call (715) 634-3185 or visit haywardfhnb.org.

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Ford Mustang On Top


Ford is boosting its sales by expanding sales to Europe, including right-hand drive Mustangs for Great Britain. While Ford has never sold vehicles in Europe, the auto manufacturer’s popularity encouraged it to sell it vehicles across the Big Pond.

The new Mustang, now available at Link Ford of Minong, has been revamped with foreign sales in mind because it was the best-selling sports coupe in 2015. Last year, Ford sole 141,000 Mustangs; and of those, 19,000 were sold outside of the United States. About 16,000 of those were sold in Europe. Even with high gas prices in Europe, the high-performance V-8 is popular.

Erich Merkle, a Ford sales analyst, figures that we in the United States have been enjoying foreign sports cars for many years; and now figures it’s time for Americans to make our sports cars available to Europe.

At the Mustang plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, 110,000 Mustang coupes and 30,000 convertibles were built. With the addition of more European sales, the plant could see an increase in work. This is a major deal for Ford since the Mustang was never seriously thought of as a vehicle for the world market. This was in part due to the features that were not good for that market; however, Ford made those changes, knowing that those changes could alienate local buyers. But, the changes have been accepted by fans in the United States if sales numbers are any indication.

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Stop by Link Ford of Minong to test drive a new Ford Mustang and to see what additional changes have been made to this model, including new technology. Be sure to ask your salesperson about the various trim levels, standard equipment for each trim level and what optional equipment is available for each trim level.

May Events in Chippewa Falls


After you pick up a vehicle from Jack Link’s Auto and RV Supercenter, you’ll be ready for some trips to May events in and near Chippewa Falls. Visit historical places, stake a bike ride or visit a winery. These are all on different dates, so you can do all three if you want.

The Past Passed Here

From May 12 though May 15, 2016, head out to Allen Park in Chippewa Falls for this special event. Enjoy camp skill competitions and hands-on activities that highlight early Chippewa Falls. Admission is $3 per person or $10 for a family pass. Children under 5 years of age are free.

Chippewa Valley Century Ride

On May 29, 2016, head over to Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls for a bike ride. Choose from a 30-mile ride, 50-mile ride, 75-mile ride or a 100-mile ride. The rides start at 7:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. For more information email questions at chippewavalleyride dot us. See details including maps at chippewavalleyride.us. You could also register online. Fees are $35 for an individual or $80 for the family if you preregister and $40 for an individual and $90 for the family if you register the day of the ride. The family pass includes two adult parent tickets and tickets for children under 17.

Autumn Harvest Winery Spring Open House

On May 1, 2016, visit The Autumn Harvest Winery and Orchard, 19947 Co Highway J in Chippewa Falls for the spring open house. Hours are from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Visit our tasting rooms to taste the various wines we produce and to learn more about our process.

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