Ford News: Upcoming SUV Models


When you visit Jack Link’s Auto and RV Center, you may be looking for a new SUV, and you won’t be disappointed. Now is the perfect time to lease or purchase a new Ford SUV because by 2020, Ford will be adding four new SUV models to its lineup – and you’ll be ready to test drive one of those new models four or five years from now.

According to Mark LaNeve, vice president of sales and marketing at Ford, SUV sales have almost doubled in the United States since 2010 due to consumer preference. SUV models are more practical than passenger cars, and they are especially useful to people with families or who like to go on road trips. If you’re the type of person who likes crafts or is often at the home improvement store, SUV models have more cargo space, especially when you can put the seats down. And they have one benefit over a pickup truck: Your stuff stays dry if you want to pick up landscaping material on a rainy day.

In a meeting with reporters after a speech to the Midwest Automotive Media Association, LaNeve stated that consumers were moving toward SUV models instead of passenger cars for the past six years; and that he believes that will continue to happen, regardless of fuel prices.


According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, 52 percent of the market in the United States in 2010 went to passenger cars; however only 41 percent went to passenger cars in 2015. And SUV sales have grown to 6.3 million from 3.5 million since 2010.

Current Lineup

Currently, the Ford SUV lineup consists of the Escape compact crossover, the Edge midsize crossover, the Explorer midsize SUV, the Ford Flex crossover and the Expedition full-size SUV. As of yet, Ford does not have a subcompact crossover like the Chevy Trax.

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